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“Be still and know that the light within you also surrounds you and every living creature. Follow your highest guidance everyday.”

These are the days. The winter prepared the spring and supports the life that comes forth now. In a similar way, in this season of shared and communal concern, humanity is being lifted to have a love for all.

Never have so many shared a common concern for the well being of all to this degree. This is to be celebrated. This is the time to do the work with a mind filled with light, a heart filled with love, and a spirit of faith that ushers in the new age for humanity and planet earth.

This seeming calamity just may be causing changes that in the long run may spare humanity and the earth from far worse. While none of us wish for what is upon us, some of the positive changes that are ensuing are beneficial to awakening the collective consciousness. People are thinking about the the environment, the animals, and what is truly valuable and meaningful in their lives, what is needed and what is not. They are re-examining their priorities and their assumptions, their relationship to the planet and to each other. There is also a letting go of goals, intentions, and desires that are not important, but perhaps seemed important in the past.

The earth and humanity and all living creatures need a reboot to rid themselves of the unseen programming that is not serving them or the greater good. More and more people are waking up to a call to service.

We are also learning as a collective that we are capable of far more adaptation than we previously thought. In this we are seeing it is indeed possible to create other ways to live. This is liberating for so many who did not believe that they could survive unless remaining on the narrow treadmill upon which they live.

People in unprecedented numbers want to help and are sending love to others and thinking of others. People are coming together to serve the common good. So many organization as well are considering what they can do to help and taking action to that end. Grace and graciousness abounds.

People are caring for and about their health to a greater degree and realizing the preciousness of health in a new way. The air is cleaner and the water clearer. The air waves of consciousness are quieter and people are remembering and savoring hearth and home.

Be still and know that the light within you also surrounds you and every living creature. Follow your highest guidance everyday. Give gratitude for the manifold blessings in your life. Pray for humanity, planet earth and each other. Trust and have faith. Let go of the dross, let go of the unnecessary burdens, be still and be free and be at peace.

Behold for a new dawn is upon us, even as we walk through these times. Glory and praises for the light of the divine is upon you ever more in these times of mercy. These times are bringing new love and compassion to the hearts of many and giving so many the chance to shine their light. By appreciating and acknowledging the light within others and yourself expands both the presence and experience of this light. Appreciate the light in others and it will grow.

Know that every person and every being carries this light and is worthy of your love. Whether they know it or not, and whether they have the ability and will to express it they are a child of the divine. More and more will be awakening to the light of the divine.

Humanity now has a common cause which is such a profound opportunity to shift as a collective consciousness and change the trajectory of our karma, our future, as well as the present for all. If every day each person spent one minute thinking about how they could serve the greater good, even if it is simply a small kindness to one being, and took that step the world would change before our eyes.

Legions of angels and the entire heavens are surrounding the planet, humanity, and the animal and plant kingdoms. The earth and water, soil and ethers are having a much-needed opportunity to rest and clear. See what is good and grow it with your intention and your awareness.

Set your intention daily to receive the light, to be a vessel for the light, and ask how can I be an agent of good. Let the light of grace shine through you. Take one action daily to behold, to restore, to lighten and lift another. Ask how the light of grace and the light of the divine would like to express through me today.

You are more beautiful than you know,
You are more powerful than you know,
and you are more loved than you know.