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I thrill inwardly as I feel the Life of God vitalizing every atom of my being. I know that God’s life is always creating, sustaining, healing, repairing, and strengthening me on every level. I now express a perfect, radiant body full of energy, youth, vitality, strength, power, beauty, harmony, love and light.

I am a master of my body, mind and breath.

My body was created by the infinite. Divine love, power and wisdom fashioned all my tissues, organs, muscles, fluids, vessels, nerves, tendons and bones. This infinite healing presence within me is constantly transforming every atom of my being, making me whole, healthy, perfect, strong, youthful and beautiful. It knows how to heal me and is always doing so. I am constantly being renewed, a pristine copy of my original, divine and healthy ideal form. I give thanks for my vibrant health and for the healing, growth, rebuilding and strengthening that is always taking place. Wonderful is the work of God and the creative intelligence within me. I can feel it in every breath.

I am always guided to the best and most effective health and healing practices for me and I joyfully make them an integral part of my daily life.

Abundant, pure, and healing divine life-energy now flows freely and fully throughout my body, gross and subtle, at every level and in every nook and cranny. There are no blocks or hindrances. All my channels are open and clear, and I experience ease, comfort, pleasurable body sensations, strength, power, youthful vibrancy, overflowing health and ongoing well-being on every level.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, and everywhere in between…

I am ever youthful, vibrant, flexible, pain-free and perfectly healthy in every way.

By day and by night, I am richly bathed in a flowing river of divine healing energy, rejuvenating me constantly and radiating freely to everyone and everything around me.

I have an abundance of energy that lasts all day long. I’m able to work and engage effectively and enjoyably in all my activities for as long as I like with an easy and clear focus.

I have a trim, muscular body that is beautiful, strong, flexible and powerful.

All my organs and systems are strong, healthy and function perfectly.

My lungs are strong, clean and clear with tremendous range to expand and contract. My breath is calm, smooth, and deep, nurturing and nourishing.

My heart is strong and perfectly formed. It beats evenly and rhythmically, part and parcel of my entire circulatory system —arteries, veins, capillaries and muscles— circulating pure, oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to every single cell of my body, easily and without effort.

My brain is clear, dynamic and electric. It guides and regulates all my bodily functions and mental activities with precision, ease and divine intelligence.

All my joints are well lubricated, padded, perfectly aligned, smooth and dynamic, with a full range of easy motion.

My muscles are toned, well formed, strong and flexible.

My bones are strong, perfectly dense, and rich in fertile marrow.

I have an excellent appetite with strong, thorough and powerful digestion. I always experience good feelings and sensations in my stomach, belly, abdomen, intestines, colon, rectum, and anus. I assimilate all the nutrients in my food easily and completely, and then comfortably and thoroughly release all the toxins and waste with comfort and ease.

I have soft yet firm, unblemished skin that glows with the color of health.

I have healthy gums, strong bright teeth, and a clean healthy tongue.

The hair on my head is attractive, well-groomed and nicely styled.

My eyes are relaxed and open, and twinkle with divine presence. My vision is clear, strong and bright, with excellent focus and range, from close-up to far away.

My hearing is sharp, clear, perceptive, sensitive and far reaching.

My voice is strong, rich, and melodious. I speak simply, clearly, and ethically. My words always affirm, support and inspire others, and I am always easily understood.

My movements, gestures and expressions are graceful, gentle, pleasing and beautiful.

Every single cell of my body is divinely vibrant and alive, perfectly formed, perfectly functional, and perfectly healthy.

I am living all the remaining days of this earthly life with vibrant health in body, mind, spirit and soul. I will leave this elemental body peacefully and painlessly in union with God.